Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Trick or Treat Studios - 2014's New line of Halloween Masks

Trick or Treat Studios has just recently announced their new 2014 lineup of Michael Myers/Halloween III masks and boy, am I ever excited. You can pretty much count me in on all of them (shh, don't tell my wife). Also, not only are they selling masks, they are also selling replica pumpkins and coveralls.

First up, you have the Halloween II Clean Version, which is based on the beginning of Halloween II (i.e. the footage from the first Halloween). It's a clever way of giving you a Halloween I mask, without all the legal issues.

Next up you have the Halloween III Trio (Skull, Witch, Pumpkin), complete with Silver Shamrock badge on the back of the masks (Update: Unfortunately, this isn't confirmed) No word yet on if these masks will melt your head and turn it into bugs, snakes and other gross stuff.

The last remaining masks are from Halloween 6, Halloween H20 (not up for pre-order yet) and Halloween: Resurrection (not up for pre-order yet). Although not a favorite among most people, I personally love each one.

This is going to be the year for Michael Myers people and it's all thanks to Trick or Treat Studios.

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