Thursday, 30 January 2014

Prometheus Series 2: Deacon 7" Action Figure Showcase


Prometheus is a film that pretty much divided a lot of people, especially fans of the Alien series, who were going in expecting a straight prequel. It may not of been the Alien film we wanted, but you certainly can't say it didn't have some interesting creature designs, which brings me to the first xenomorph known as the Deacon, which was released in action form by NECA.
Release: 2013
Series: Prometheus Series 2
Company: NECA
Accessories: 2 Hammerpedes (snake like creatures), Engineer Helmet, Engineer Head, Stand
Articulation: Ball joint Head, Extendable Jaw, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrist, Waist, Hips, Knees and Ankles.

Seeing the Deacon for the first time, was a pretty awesome experience and the action figure goes to some lengths to capture that awesomeness, but doesn't quite reach full potential. The action figure comes with a stand and it's pretty much the only way for it to stand up, as otherwise, with the small tiny legs and feet, it will topple over. The stand however doesn't allow for any real awesome poses, besides a leaning and about ready to fall over stance. The paint work is pretty good, with only the black sludge being just okay. As for the articulation, it has a good amount, but the inner jaw doesn't quite function as intended, instead making a crazy smile expression, instead of the menacing look it's going for. Accessories are pretty cool, with the dissected Engineer head and helmet being a big highlight. The hammerpedes are made of a flexible rubber, which allows for some unique poses.

The novelty of owning what can truly be called the first Alien is something special and for the price, it's a pretty good buy.

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  1. Cool Pics! Love the last 2. nice lighting!