Thursday, 30 January 2014

Michonne Action Figure Wallpaper

Lately I've been thinking about branching off and instead of doing full fledged showcases/reviews, I would work on doing up some fancy looking photos, that people could download and use as wallpaper. I would still work on doing showcases, but as you probably have noticed, I haven't been doing a boat load of them, as it takes forever to edit all the photos. So you might be seeing more of these wallpaper posts coming up, instead of review showcases, but don't worry, I'll be sure to showcase every figure I do own, it just won't be every day.

For now, enjoy the latest wallpaper I made for the Michonne action figure, from McFarlane Toys.

*Note* If you like, I can provide different sizes to match what you would want. Just leave a comment or send an email. The one below is 1920x1280. To download the image, just right click on the below image and save the image to your computer. Sorry, the previous method doesn't work and is actually giving you a smaller image. Sorry about that. Just click the download button below for the full size image.

Michonne Action Figure Wallpaper

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