Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fatal Figure Fights Round 2 #1: Ash vs Predator

It's October and that means the first annual Fatal Figure Fights is upon us. Knives will clash with chainsaws, chains will rip through flesh and heads will roll this October. Watch the battle unfold and decide who should be the winner. Ladies and gentlemen, this is war!!

The first fight of Round #2 is a doozy! Ash vs Predator is going to be super intense. The hits are going to be hard and the pressure is high. Who is going to win? See below...

Predator has appeared behind Ash, hoping to get the first strike in.

Ash flips around and lands on his back and fires his shotgun, catching the Predator in the upper chest.

The Predator is pissed and has grabbed Ash, chocking him and drawing blood.

Ash fights back and swings his chainsaw into the side of the Predator's face.

The Predator shoots his plasma castor off and Ash deflects it with his chainsaw blade.

The Predator has backhanded Ash in the face.

The Predator draws his blades out and is ready to end this fight!

Oh my god! Ash strikes the Predator in the thigh with his chainsaw. That's gotta hurt!

The Predator has fallen back and is grabbing his wounded thigh. That alien must be in pain!

Ash is going in for the final strike. What's going to happen?
The end of the fight is all up to you! Decide who should be the winner in the voting system below. First though, let's see how the fight will end up, depending on who wins.

If Ash wins:

Ash is standing over the Predator. His curiosity has gotten a hold of him and he removes his mask. Wow, the Predator is one ugly mother... what's that? Predator is activating his wrist detonator! Ash runs and leaps out of the way just in time. The Predator seems to have chickened out and killed himself, hoping to take Ash with him, but Ash arises out of the ashes and raises the skull of the Predator high in the air.
If Predator wins:

Ash is standing over the Predator. Wow, the Predator has shot Ash in the side of the face with his plasma shot. Ash falls to the ground, in a daze and looks for the Predator. The Predator appears behind Ash and goes for the kill. Oh god, I don't think we can show this folks! The Predator has killed Ash and places his skull and chainsaw on display. The Predator mimics Ash and declares himself the winner and vanishes. What a win!

Vote below!

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  1. Wow great job with the ender animations! It was really hard to decide who to vote for. The animation for the predator win was REALLY good! but I still like Ash better LOL can't wait to see the next fights :)

  2. Thanks! It was a lot of fun making those animations. Your vote has tied things up for now. I wonder who is going to win.