Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fatal Figure Fights #4: Freddy vs Jason

It's October and that means the first annual Fatal Figure Fights is upon us. Knives will clash with chainsaws, chains will rip through flesh and heads will roll this October. Watch the battle unfold and decide who should be the winner. Ladies and gentlemen, this is war!!

We are now onto fight #4 in the first round of Fatal Figure Fights. We've all seen the movie, Freddy vs Jason and in my opinion, Jason won, but that is up for debate with most people. To settle it once and for all, Freddy and Jason have come together one last time and it will be up to you, to vote who should win. Let's get this fight on!!!

Freddy and Jason are just staring each other down. This is intense folks!

Jason has taken the first swing and Freddy has blocked the hit.

Jason is frustrated and backhands Freddy across the face.

Freddy has been knocked down and Jason is on top, ready to strike down with his machete. Is this fight over already?

Jason has swung and missed! Freddy is lucky.

Freddy has leaped up and jammed his finger knives directly in Jason's masks eye holes.

Freddy is so cocky in this fight, he takes his time to pick up his hat.

Look at Freddy grinning. He thinks he has this fight no problem. What do you think folks?

Freddy slashes Jason across the chest, placing deep gashes.

Freddy has jumped on Jason's back and his slashing into him with his blades.

Jason is pissed and strikes Freddy in the chest, sending him flying.

Freddy has landed on the dock and Jason is slowly approaching. This could be it!

Okay my loyal viewers, its up to you to decide who should win. Lets first see what will happen if Jason Voorhees wins:

Freddy swings his knife hand up, but Jason is quick and slashes his arm clean off. Jason then slashes off Freddy's other arm. However, Freddy is still grinning, but not for long, as Jason slashes upward and cuts the front of Freddy's face completely off. Gruesome, just gruesome!

Now what happens if Freddy wins:

Holy crap folks! After Jason cut off Freddy's face, Freddy's arms have magically reattached and he has sprung up from the ground. Freddy slashes at Jason, sending his mask flying! Freddy has slashed again and cut deep into Jason's face! Jason is falling down, right on his machete, slowly and gruesomely sliding down. What's that? Freddy was holding the machete! This seems like a dream folks... or a nightmare?

Well there we go. It looks like this fight will once again be up in the hands of my viewers and who you like best. Personally, I think Jason won and Freddy cheated with his victory. What? It's my site and what I say goes... okay, maybe not. Vote below and we'll see what happens.

Jason Voorhees Wins! 
Total votes: 11
Predator 54.55% 
Alien 45.45%

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  1. Loved Freddy pocking Jason's eyes out. And picking up his hat. What Class!!

  2. Thanks! I knew you would love Freddy's fight tactics.

  3. Desiree Penton Marshall22 October 2013 at 13:52

    Oh my god, this is hilarious! Just came by way of your wife's blog! Love it!