Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fatal Figure Fights #3: Alien vs Predator

It's October and that means the first annual Fatal Figure Fights is upon us. Knives will clash with chainsaws, chains will rip through flesh and heads will roll this October. Watch the battle unfold and decide who should be the winner. Ladies and gentlemen, this is war!!

We are now onto fight #3 in the first round of Fatal Figure Fights. We've seen some fierce battles so far and it's only going to get crazier. Tonight we have two Aliens, both with different abilities, weaknesses and strengths. The Predator, with his advanced technology could easily take the fight, but the Alien is quick and aggressive and won't back down. Who will win? Let's find out!

The Predator and Alien are sizing each other up. Who is going to attack first?

The Alien lunges and grabs the Predator's mask, squeezing and drawing bright green blood!

The Predator has been knocked to the ground and the Alien is trying to pierce him with his deadly inner mouth.

The Predator has flipped the Alien over and is strangling the beast. Acidic blood is flowing, but it doesn't seem to phase the Predator.

The Predator has lifted the Alien over his head and is about to slam the Alien in to the ground!

The Predator has slammed the Alien to the ground and is about ready to attack it's back!

Wow! The Predator has sliced off one of it's back pieces. That looks painful folks, painful!

What's this? The Alien has leaped up and slashed the Predator in the face. That was a super quick attack!
So ladies and gentlemen, the result of the fight now comes down to you. One of these space travellers must win and one must lose. Who will you pick? Figure it out below, but first, let's see how the fight will play out depending on who wins!

If the Alien wins:

The Alien has swung his tale around and hit the Predator's Plasma castor!

The Predator's weapon is laying uselessly on the ground. The Predator is exposed!

The Alien slices the Predator in the face, knocking his mask off. In the confusion, the Alien lunges at the Predator and drives his inner mouth straight into the Predator's head, killing him instantly.

Now what if the Alien doesn't get that swing off and the Predator uses some of his advanced technology, he may win this fight:

The Predator quickly cloaks and sneaks around back of the Alien and grabs a hold and rips the Alien's lower jaw completely off! The Predator celebrates his victory, by skinning the Alien's head and raising in up in the air, with a fierce roar!

That's the fight folks! Each one was pretty even, with both going head to head and claw to claw. If the Alien is quick enough, it can quickly get the lead and win, but the Predator can always use his technology to beat the Alien. Let's see how you folks feel and decide below who should win.

Predator Wins! 
Total votes: 20
Predator 85%
Alien 15%

One more fight in Round #1 of the Fatal Figure Fights left! Can you guess who the next two killers will be? I'll be posting the reveal shortly. 

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  1. Carlo-Antonio Marin10 October 2013 at 09:00

    One on One, I think Predator wins most of the time. I think the marvels of "future" technology tilt the scale in Predator's favour :).

  2. Personally, I agree. ;)

    Thanks for the comment Carlo.

  3. How can you not vote for the Predator, with his snazzy disappearing act?