Thursday, 3 October 2013

Fatal Figure Fights #2: Pinhead vs Pumpkinhead

It's October and that means the first annual Fatal Figure Fights is upon us. Knives will clash with chainsaws, chains will rip through flesh and heads will roll this October. Watch the battle unfold and decide who should be the winner. Ladies and gentlemen, this is war!!

Ladies and Gentelmen, boils and ghouls, we have in one corner the Dark Prince of Pain himself, Pinhead!! In the other corner is the reaper of souls, the conjured beast from the dark depths of Hell, Pumpkinhead!! Who is going to win and who is going to die? Their fates are in your hands folks, so please, choose wisely. Now, let's being the fight!

Pinhead is just standing there! Wait, he's unleashed his chains on Pumpkinhead!

Oh my god! Pumpkinhead has been slammed with several chains and hooks! The flesh is being ripped apart.

Pinhead sweeps around with his hook blade and strikes Pumpkinhead in the face, bring his health way down.

Pumpkinhead has fallen to the ground, with hooks still attached to flesh.

What's this?!? Pinhead has pulled out the Lament Configuration box. This can't be good for Pumpkinhead.

Pinhead has unleashed his fellow Cenobites, who have taken Pumpkinhead with them back to hell, to tear him apart. Brutal end!

Well, that was certainly one sided wasn't it? Pinhead reacted quick and used his chain attack and it was pretty much all over from there. Hopefully my viewers didn't pay too much for this fight, as it was over before it started. However, I'm thinking if Pinhead didn't use his chain attack and instead, Pumpkinhead got the first hit in, the fight would've been much different. Let's see how different...

Pumpkinhead attacks right out the gate, slashing at Pinheads chest, gouging deep cuts.

Pumpkinhead has whipped around with his tale and strikes Pinhead in the face, driving the pins in even further.

Pinhead is down and Pumpkinhead is pounding him with his monstrous foot. Things are not looking good for the Dark Prince.

Pumpkinhead has lifted Pinhead in the air and is slowly crashing Pinhead's head. What is going to happen?

Oh my god! Pumpkinhead has ripped off Pinhead's head and has taken his bloody corpse into the woods, to god only knows where.

As you can see folks, depending on who gets in the first hit, the fights were fairly one sided. So, it once again comes down to you my fellow onlookers, to decide who should win. Who was the better fighter? Who deserves to move on in Fatal Figure Fights Round 2? Vote below!

Pinhead Wins! 
Total votes: 13
Pinhead 61.54%
Pumpkinhead 38.46%

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  1. Another great fight! Good job Mike! and goooo Pumpkinhead!!! mouah ah ah ah

  2. Carlo-Antonio Marin10 October 2013 at 08:52

    I voted Pinhead thinking the scenario would more closely resemble the first, but somehow, now I think Pinhead would have begun some ridiculous monologue, which would give Pumpkinhead the chance to strike first... maybe? But then, why would Pinhead start a monologue? Pumpkinhead obviously doesn't look like he would understand, no? Or would he? So I guess it would go more like I originally thought. UGH... I don't know :D.

  3. You have a point. Pinhead would probably go off on a long speech. If you've watched Hellbound: Hellraiser II, you will know how that ends.

    I just watched Pumpkinhead last night (expect a review tonight) and Pumpkinhead is pretty relentless and can't die until the he gets who he is after. So, it's pretty possible that Pumpkinhead would win the fight. I guess we'll wait and see how the voting goes.

    Thanks for the in-dept analysis of the fight Carlo! Haha.