Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fatal Figure Fights #1: Ash vs Michael Myers

It's October and that means the first annual Fatal Figure Fights is upon us. Knives will clash with chainsaws, chains will rip through flesh and heads will roll this October. Watch the battle unfold and decide who should be the winner. Ladies and gentlemen, this is war!!

First up we have the ever groovy Ash, going up against the unspeakable pure evil of Michael Myers. This should be an interesting battle folks, but don't take my word for it, let's see how it unfolds below...

Ash gets the first hit in, striking Michael Myers in the arm with the axe!

Wow, Ash gets another hit in. The butt of the axe hits hard into Myers' gut.

What's this?! Michael is pressing hard against Ash, pushing him up against the tree.

Michael Myers is swinging down with his butcher knife, towards Ash's hand!

Oh no! Ash has lost a hand and a good amount of blood! Graphic!

Just look at that mangled hand. Nasty!

Myers strikes again and slashes Ash across the chest, ripping his shirt.

Ash is backhanded by Michael Myers, sending him to the ground.

Ash is laying on the ground, right next to his trusty shotgun. Maybe he can get to it in time.

Michael Myers swings down with the knife and almost catches Ash in the face. Ash is one lucky guy.

Michael Myers is grabbing Ash and is trying to pull him up. What is going to happen now?

The fight looks to be one sided, but you never know what could happen, or who could show up. This is where you come into play and decide who should win the fight, but first let's see how the fight would go, depending on who wins.

First up is Michael Myers winning:

Ash is down for the count, not having reached the shotgun. Michael Myers is looming over, ready to strike!
It looks like Ash has lost his head, along with the match.

Now that you've seen Michael Myers win, let's take a look at what would happen if Ash wins and gets a hold of that shotgun.

Michael Myers is pulling on Ash's arm, but instead rips off his sleeve.

This has allowed Ash to grab the shotgun!

Blam! Ash has shot Myers in the face!

Ash is standing over Michael Myers, deciding how to end this fight, but whats that noise in the woods?

It's Leatherface and he has a gift for Ash! Leatherface always hated that Michael Myers fellow. Ash cuts up Myers and blast the evil's head clean off!

Well, folks, that's the end of the fight. Who do you think should win? Should it be Myers, who dominated the fight at first and ended up cutting off Ash's head? Or should Ash win, even though he got a little help from an unlikely friend? Decide below and don't forget to tune in soon for the next Fatal Figure Fights, which will be revealed soon...


Ash Wins! It was a close one, but he came out with one extra vote.

Total votes: 21

Ash 52.38%

Michael Myers 47.62%

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  2. Okay, voting system should work now. For anyone that has voted, please re-enter your vote. Sorry for any inconvenience the internets has caused you.

  3. Still better love story then Twilight!

  4. great battle, not sure who I would pick to win... though it's fun to see them fight it out... gave you a shout out on the "Horror Blogger Alliance".

    Jeremy H.
    Come Join my WRECKING BALL, it will be a SMASH...

  5. Thanks so much for the shout out and comment. I'm glad you liked the fight. It should be an interesting month. :)

  6. This was cool! These two are facing off right now in a horror sweet sixteen bracket I put together and it's a championship match.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the comment. Any link to the championship?