Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hellraiser Series 3: Hell on Earth Pinhead


Technically the final figure in Series 3, if you don't count the special box set of Dr. Channard, is Pinhead, based on his Hell on Earth appearance, specifically the Church scene and it is a neat looking figure, but with a few small problems.

Release: 2004
Series: Hellraiser Series 3
Company: NECA
Accessories: Sides pack in item
Articulation: Ball joint Head, Shoulders, Cut Elbows, Wrist

Hell on Earth was when Pinhead started to really become a household horror icon, next to Freddy and Jason. The series was geared towards American audiences now and Pinhead was meant to be the next big baddie. Even though Hell on Earth ended up not being the greatest in the series, with some really ridiculous Cenobites bringing the movie down even further, Pinhead was still as awesome as ever and had some memorable scenes (the boiler room massacre being a highlight).

The Hell on Earth Pinhead action figure is based on Pinhead's short appearance inside a Church, mocking Christianity, which probably got a lot of people's panties in a knot. In fact, this figure probably did the same thing. I myself like the figure, but it's definitely a scene specific action figure, with minimal movement and a weird looking face sculpt. The sculpt is fine in the pose it's meant to be in, but anything else, Pinhead will look a little awkward. Still, it's a pretty sweet looking figure nevertheless and will make a great display piece to round our your Hellraiser action figure collection.

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  1. Another mistake they did on this figure is that the pins through his hands came from the top of his head but the two pins are not missing from his head on the figure, which is a major mistake....

  2. I meant to mention that in the showcase, but it totally skipped my mind. Thanks for bring it up. :)