Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hellraiser Series 3: Frank


We come to the second showcase in Hellraiser Series 3 and tonight we find Frank appearing on the site, minus his skin and brandishing a knife and rat.

Release: 2004
Series: Hellraiser Series 3
Company: NECA
Accessories: Two sides and center for pack in item, Knife, Rat.
Articulation: Ball joint Head, Cut Shoulders, Elbows, Wrist, Waist, Ankles

This representation of Frank is from the original Hellraiser movie, just after he got a brand new suit and had the strange desire to cut open a rat, while watching Larry and Julia bone each other. Yeah, it's a different scene and seems strange to have an action figure of it, but damn it, if it isn't his most memorable appearance. The scene however had Frank without the jacket, but I prefer it with it, if you ask me.

The Frank action figure features minimal articulation, but a little bit more than the Cenobites with robes, as he has movement in his waist. Of course, all the joints, besides the head, are cut joints, so movement is minimal. As for the paint and sculpt, its veiny, bloody and looks like Frank, which is great!

Fans of the first Hellraiser will be pleased with Frank and I think even if you only wanted the Cenobites, it's still pretty cool to have the skinless man, who escaped the Cenobites.

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