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Hellraiser Series 3: Female Cenobite


The sweet, sweet suffering of showcasing the Hellraiser Series 3 action figures, from NECA. It's sweet, because the figures are great, but I suffer, because this is the last series. We are nearing the end with the next showcase, the Female Cenobite, based on her appearance in the first movie, Hellraiser.

Release: 2004
Series: Hellraiser Series 3
Company: NECA
Accessories: Two sides pack in item, Hook Knife, Saw Knife
Articulation: Ball joint Head, Shoulders, Cut Elbows, Wrist

The Female Cenobite action figure may look familiar to some people, as she was already given to us in action figure form, in the Cenobite Lair. However, fans should notice that the Female in that collection was named Female II, based on her Hellbound: Hellraiser II appearance. The Female Cenobite actress was changed in the sequel, with Barbie Wilde taking over for Grace Kirby and along with the actress change, the Female Cenobite got a little bit of a makeover.

The Female Cenobite from NECA is nice, albeit with a few problems. The face looks somewhat like her in the movie, but not exactly. Also, the wiring on her neck is a little flimsy and not perfectly straight, as it is made of a soft plastic. I think it would've been wise to use the same wiring with Angelique, although then I would probably be complaining about it breaking easy. I can't just be happy. As for the sculpt and paint, it's good, but I can't see how the colour black could be messed up. The shading on her skin is a nice blueish grey and the ripped open throat is grotesque.

Much like all the other figures in the series, I recommend picking up the Female Cenobite, as you can't be complete without having her with the other main three: Pinhead, Butterball and Chatterer.

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