Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sideshow Collectibles: 12" Freddy Krueger (ANOES)

Is this a dream? Nope, it's the A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger, from Sideshow Collectibles. He's 12" tall and has real clothing, but is he more barbie doll than action figure? Read on to find out...

Release: 2003
Series: New Line House of Horrors
Company: Sideshow Collectibles
Accessories: Base, Stand, Hat
Articulation: Cut Ankles, Knees, Ball joint Hips, Ball joint Waist, Glove Fingers, Wrist, Elbows, Head

One, two, Freddy's coming for you! The Sideshow Collectibles action figures are quite unique and usually, very high end. This 12" Freddy Krueger, is one of the earliest ones released from them, in 2003. He has real clothing and a decent amount of articulation. The figure is supposed to be based on Freddy's appearance in A Nightmare on Elm Street, but he is clearly based on the Freddy's Revenge version of Freddy, with the stripes on the arms and the style of makeup on the face. Not that I'm complaining, as the figure looks pretty damn nice. My only real complaint, is the length and size of the clothing, with it being a little too large. He has a bad case of hiked up pants, also know as grampy pants.

This is a definite recommend, but sadly the figure goes for a pretty high price nowadays. Hopefully though, you'll be able to find him, as he is definitely a keeper!

Freddy's Revenge
Sideshow Freddy says hello.

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  1. cool pics!! his clothes do look a bit big and I find his teeth are very clean compared to other figures... He must've went for a cleaning before the photo shoot! LOL But still a cool Figure!

  2. Haha. You're right, the teeth do look a little clean. You gotta look your best for a photo shoot, even if you're a dream demon. ;)