Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Now Playing Series 3: Dog Soldiers Werewolf

I love, love, love the movie Dog Soldiers and if you don't love it either, than I just don't know! If you haven't seen it, then you really need to. I actually just bought it recently on Blu-ray and you know what, I think I'm going to watch it and throw a review up on my other site. As for now though, I will be showcasing the Dog Soldiers Werewolf action figure, from SOTA Toys, in the Now Playing Series 3. Howl at the moon and read on...

Release: 2006
Series: Now Playing Series 3
Company: SOTA Toys
Accessories: Base, Severed Arm, Alternate Head
Articulation: Ball joint head, Cut Neck, Ball joint Shoulders, Cut Wrist, Cut Waist, Cut Ankles

Like I said with The Toxic Avenger action figure showcase, I really like SOTA Toys action figures. They feel solid and offer a good amount of articulation and accessories. Sadly, the articulation for the Dog Soldier Werewolf, is a little lacking, with too many noticeable cut joints. The sculpt restricts some of his movement and without the base, the action figure won't stand up on his own, without a miracle happening. The paint and sculpt is nice and the accessories, which sadly I didn't get with my used figure, are really nice as well.

In the end, this action figure looks great (minus the articulation), thanks to the wonderful werewolf designs of the Dog Soldiers movie.

Source: Cineycine

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