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Movie Maniacs Series 5: The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy action figure
Today's showcase is yet another action figure from the Movie Maniacs series, Series 5 to be exact and is based on the unused appearance of The Tooth Fairy, in the movie Darkness Falls. No need to lose a tooth to see this lovely creature, as you can just read on to see more...

Release: 2002
Series: Movie Maniacs Series 5
Company: McFarlane
Accessories: Movie Poster, Marquee Stand
Articulation:  Neck (ball joint), Shoulders (ball joints), Upper arms, Wrists, Hips (ball joints), Thighs, Knees, Ankles.

You gotta love these type of action figures! The Tooth Fairy was released in 2002 and was based on the creature in the movie titled Darkness Falls, which came out in 2003. The original title for the movie was The Tooth Fairy and the creature was going to look exactly like what you see in the photos below. However, the studio who made the film, was not happy with the creature only appearing near the end, so they scrapped the original design, which was made by Steve Wang and brought in Stan Winston, to produce what you see in the final movie, a movie that was not well received.

McFarlane released the action figure before the movie came out and I believe before all this crap went down, hence the difference. Also, in a strange move, they released her in two different versions, one with mouth open (the one I have) and one with the mouth closed. I never did find the closed mouth version, so for this showcase, it's all open mouth baby! As for the action figure, she's certainly interesting, with giant translucent wings and a decent amount of articulation. Although, don't expect her to stand up on her own, as her feet are tiny and her wings are big. The wings do move in and out and can create quite the wing span, taking up several inches on your precious real estate of an action figure shelf.

So, is she a recommend? Ehh, maybe, maybe not. She's definitely cool looking (loving that open mouth full of teeth) and the history behind the action figure is certainly neat. I would say, she's a borderline recommend, one who falls in the category of cool to have, but easy to live without. Let's see if you agree, after looking at my lovely photos below.

The Tooth Fairy Packaging

Sadly, I couldn't find my Movie Marquee for The Tooth Fairy and I couldn't even find a picture online. When I do find it, I'll take a photo, but for now, know that it looks like the Dog Alien marquee, meaning the newer style and says The Tooth Fairy on it.

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  1. I came across this site while researching the reason why there isn't a Tooth Fairy movie to go with this figure. There is a Tooth Fairy horror movie, but nothing like what it could have been. I eventually discovered the true origin of the movie Darkness Falls... a movie I had seen and been distinctly disappointed in. The monster in it was a huge let-down. They made a huge mistake deciding not to use the actual Tooth Fairy they had designed for it.
    Your article and pictures were a big help, and reading your 'About Michael Tatlock' paragraph made me laugh. We are very similar, you and I. I too am a gamer, but my gaming days are all back on the PS2. Sometimes I will get them out and dust them off to revisit the glory days, and even randomly wander outside as well. I also tend toward "horror related items of terror"... as my budget will allow. But I did just pick up the Mezco Trick 'r Treat stylized 6 inch Sam figure. He is remarkable.
    Movies, books, action figures, comics, there seems so little time to fit it all in. Precious little money to invest in it all as well. But I am glad I came across your site here. Keep up the good work. Cheers!