Thursday, 23 May 2013

Predator Series 7: Big Red Predator

It's been awhile since I've done a Predator showcase, so I thought it would be fun to showcase the unique Big Red Predator, based on his appearance in the awesome Dead End fan film, which along with Predators, starred a certain other alien and costumed vigilante. So, let's hunt the night like a bat and get on with this showcase...

Release: 2012
Series: Predator Series 7
Company: NECA
Accessories: Alternate Hands, 2 Katana Swords
Articulation:  Ball joint Neck, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrist, Waist, Hips, Double jointed Knees, Ankles

As I said before, the Big Red Predator appeared in the short film Dead End and was actually only seen onscreen for a few seconds. Still, the iconic design is incredibly memorable and is unlike any other Predator we've seen. Interesting note, this Predator design was actually going to be used in the movie Predator 2, but was scrapped. As for the figure himself, the paint is phenomenal, with minimal slop and the articulation is using the highly improved knees and hips. The only complaints I have on the figure, is that on mine, the hands don't fit well and keep falling off and the Predator mask has the nose piece connected with the bridge, when in fact there should be a small space there. Small nitpicks, but the hands falling off is a pain in my ass. It very well could be different for you though.

This is one Predator that is really going to pop on your action figure shelves and I really think you would be wise in picking him up. Before we get to the photos, I figured I should post the Dead End video, so you can see for yourself how awesome it is. Enjoy!

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  1. Nice review! You present all I want to know and show everything of the product. Nice work

    1. Thanks. That's what I was hoping to achieve and I'm glad to here it's working. :) Thanks again for the comment.