Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Terminator Series 3: T-800 Tanker Truck Pursuit


I couldn't wait any longer in taking photos with my City Alley diorama. It isn't completely done, as I'm missing a few things (doorknob on door, oops!), but I just had to take some photos to see if all my hard work was paying off. So, I opened up the T-800 Tanker Truck Pursuit figure from Terminator Series 3 and started fiddling around with some lighting and what you see above and below is the end results. On an unrelated note, you may notice a new format to my showcases starting with this one. Whenever I look up information on a figure, there are always certain things I want to know, such as release date and accessories. Well, from now on, I'll be putting everything in a neat and tidy package for an easy/informative viewing experience. So, I hope you enjoy the new format. Now, come with me if you want to see some photos!


Release: 2012
Series: Terminator Series 3
Company: NECA
Accessories: Automatic Weapon, Shotgun, Alternate head wearing sunglasses
Articulation: Ball-jointed head, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrist, Cut Waist and Ankles


The T-800 Tanker Truck Pursuit figure is pretty much a figure you would already own, if you purchased the Police Station Assault T-800, in Terminator Series 2. That isn't to say the figure isn't neat looking, as it does recreate the damaged look the Terminator had near the end of the film, as he hunted Sarah and Kyle down. Still, the reuse of the sun glass wearing head and the same weapons does make it difficult to recommend picking up, especially if you already own the Police Station Assault figure. The figure does have some paint slop, especially around the red exposed eye. Also, the articulation is once again limited in the lower body, with legs that don't move. As to whether you should buy it, you decide by checking out the following photos. (Even Resistance Fighter, Kyle Reese makes a visit in today's showcase!)




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