Thursday, 11 April 2013

Predator Series 8: Jungle Extraction Dutch


After a lengthy break from posting any showcases and working on my City Alley diorama, I thought it best to take a moment and post a showcase using the woods diorama, along with some jungle foliage and the amazing Jungle Extraction Dutch figure, from Series 8 of Predator. As I said, the figure is amazing and looks so freaking good, with barely a problem in sight. If you don't believe me, you have to read on and I'm sure you'll be convinced...

Predator Series 8 from NECA, comes with two Dutch figures and a newly articulated masked Predator from the first movie. I currently own both Dutch figures and will be showcasing the first one, the Jungle Extraction Dutch, based on his appearance early in the film, when he raids the guerrilla camp. He is wearing the tan jacket, green vest and gloves. He comes with his M-16 rifle w/ attached grenade launcher, handgun, smaller knife and the big ass "stick around" knife. The vest has two non-removable grenades, which in my opinion are a little too small. The knives, along with the handgun can be placed in the appropriate holsters. Paint work is phenomenal, with minimal slop and amazing detail in the face (I'm especially loving the cigar). However, I have a few complaints: when picking him up, you do need to be careful on the eyes, as some of them on the shelves have a few wonky ones (even mine is a little off), most of his accessories besides the M-16 don't fit in his hands and also, the knife holster straps on his lower right leg are painted camo, instead of black. If the strap thing bothers you, you will need to pull out the acrylic paint and fix it (something I plan on doing in the future). Articulation is plentiful, with movement in the head, shoulders, elbows, wrist, waist, ball joint hips, knees, ankles and finally swivel feet.

Source: The Hunter's Lair

Predator Series 8 finally brings us the long requested Dutch action figure and NECA does not disappoint. Even though a few problems pop up, the overall package is fantastic. Some people will be inclined to only buy one Dutch, which in my opinion would be a difficult decision, as both are superb. I think it's best to pick them all up! Now, for those photos I told you about earlier...

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  1. GET TO THE CHOPPA!!! lol These pics are amazing Mike! I really enjoyed them. :)

  2. Haha! Thanks Sophie for commenting. Much appreciated! :)

  3. YOur work is awesome. I like your diorama