Sunday, 10 March 2013

Predators Series 2: Tracker Predator


I'm starting to get slow with these showcases, but I hope maybe my slowness leads to more interesting photos and more excitement. Yeah, that's what I tell myself when I slack on updating my site. Well, I managed to take some photos today, using the woods part of my diorama and the Tracker Predator from Series 2 of Predators, by NECA. It's an interesting Predator design and I think you'll like it, once you check out the photos, by reading on...

The Tracker Predator, is based on his appearance in the movie Predators and is a Super Predator like his buddies, Berserker and Falconer Predator. He has a interesting design, with the horned mask, battle damaged look and green paintwork, but my actual figure has a few problems. The paintwork is a little sloppy, with the leg colours not matching up (the green stopping on the thigh and changing colour). Also, I hate that you can see the seam in the mask, which distracts from the look. Small nitpicks though, as the figure is still pretty cool looking. Articulation is using the old standard, with movement in the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. It doesn't have the ball jointed hips or double knees, so the poses are a little limiting. The only accessory, is a wrist blade that falls out way too easily.

Xenopedia - Aliens vs. Predator Wiki

If you liked the other Predators in the Predators movie, than Tracker Predator will fit perfectly in your collection. If you're a fan of cool looking Predators, you'll be wise to pick him up. Now for the photos!

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