Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Jason Voorhees Remake (7" NECA)


Sorry for the delay, but I was busy with a little project for the website. I wanted to build a Crystal Lake/forest diorama and it took most of my time, but I finally finished it up, minus the lighting I want to add and I now can show you a figure showcase using it. Of course, I chose Jason Voorhees for this showcase, specially the Jason Voorhees Remake figure from NECA. Eventually I'll make a post and show you what I did to make the diorama, but for now let's slice into the action figure showcase...

The Friday the 13th remake was a pretty good Jason film in my opinion, with a pretty opposing Jason. The action figure based on his two different appearances in the film, is almost as menacing, but has a few problems. The figure's sculpt and paintwork are pretty nice and look like Jason, but the masked head has a few problems, such as a poor paint job on the damage to the mask and the strange and odd decision to glue the hair to the straps. The mask is removable, but due to the hair decision, the look is off for his unmasked appearance. The other head, is the sack version and is great looking, with no real problems. The only other accessory is a machete, that can slide into his holster. Finally, articulation is extremely limited, with movement in the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, waist and ankles. You ain't getting to many cool poses with this one.

The Jason Voorhees figure is once again a nice looking figure and if you happened to like the remake, you'll really get some enjoyment out of this guy. Now, let's check those fancy photos out and have fun, as there are a boatload of them below.

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  1. Awesome Awesome Pics!! Man the diorama looks great! and the lighting/shadows in some pics where Jason is in the trees actually looks like something out of the movie. Seriously impressed!

    Bravo! :)

  2. Thanks Sophie! They turned out a lot better than I expected they would. Now to take some photos with the Predators in the woods. :)

  3. Incredible work! Just stumbled on your pages and they're really helpful, especially when you give display recommendations based on the actual movies. Well done!