Tuesday, 26 February 2013

RoboCop Spring Loaded Holster


RoboCop is here to protect and serve my website and he's bringing along a fancy new spring loaded holster feature. The new RoboCop figure from NECA, is very much the same as the first one they brought out, but with the added feature of the holster. This added feature, makes this the definitive one you need to pick up. If you don't believe me, just read on for plenty of photos...

As already mentioned, RoboCop comes with a new spring loaded holster feature, which, with the press of a button on the back of his leg, shoots open and allows you to store his Auto-9 pistol. Getting the pistol in and out can be a struggle, but once secure, the leg holster snaps shut, with a satisfying click and you're good to go. Obviously the gun doesn't pop out like in the movie, but this is a 7" action figure we're talking about, so I'll let it slide. The only accessory, besides the gun, is the data spike hand, replacing his right shooting hand. Paint and sculpt are top quality, with only a little bit a slop here and there. Also, no worries about the nose poking through, unlike the original RoboCop from NECA, which had this annoying problem. Articulation is included in the head, shoulders, elbows, wrist, torso, waist, knees and ankles.

This is definitely the RoboCop to pick up, which beats all others in my opinion. The super cool spring loaded holster, just tops off this guy and I'm thinking you'll love it. Check out the photos and see if you agree.

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