Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cult Classics Series 3: John McClane (Die Hard)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, or more importantly, happy new release of another Die Hard film day. The reviews are pouring in for A Good Day to Die Hard and they aren't looking the best, but honestly, I'll form my own opinion once I go see it and then you can form yours, after you read my review (right... right?). In the mean time however, I saw it fit to showcase the John McClane action figure from NECA, a figure which looks like the bastard offspring of a diseased ridden baboon. I'll try my best to have the photos shine the figure in a good light, but it's going to be a challenge. Let's see if I'm able to do so, by reading on...

The year is 2006, NECA has announced they're releasing a John McClane action figure! Fans rejoice and the praise showers down upon NECA. Then, the figure comes out and the only thing showering down on NECA, was something golden colour. The John McClane action figure is through and through, awful, just absolutely awful. The face is the worst thing on him and would only look like Bruce Willis, if you squinted your eyes shut and looked at the figure in a pitch black room. The proportions are all wrong, with a weird stretched face and bulbous nose. The lower part of his body (from the neck down) looks okay. They did a pretty good job on the body sculpt, but the paint work on the other hand, ruins anything nice about the body. Weird hairy arms, black eyeliner and poorly painted blood work, definitely shows signs of a figure NECA could care jack shit about. As for articulation, it's beyond limited, with movement only in the the head, shoulders and ankles (extremely limited here folks!). The only accessories are a movie related base and machine gun.

What John McClane is supposed to look like.

I can't recommend the John McClane action figure from NECA. The only reason I bought it myself, was because it came in a bundle with other figures (plus I suffer for my readers, so they don't have to). This is an easy pass and hopefully NECA will someday down the road revisit the Die Hard series and give us a true proper John McClane. Until then, witness my photographic attempt at trying to shed a nice light on an unpolished turd, below.

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  1. ambrose cornez kennedy14 March 2013 at 03:35

    I like die hard but dont like the face on the action figure. You guys are good artis. You can remake it and have it look like bruce willis. And make a die hard toy line with john mc. hans groober, sgt powell, karl, and the two trigger happy f.b.i. agents smith & smith. And have battle damage john mcclane as well with alot of blood on him to. I hope neca could make it happen ill buy it right off the toy shelf.

  2. I completely agree with you. NECA needs to revisit the Die Hard series and make some cool action figures. I don't think they would ever touch the bad guys, as they would be too much of a peg warmer, but I can definitely see some better looking John McClane figures being done.

    Thanks for checking out my site and leaving a comment. :)