Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cinema of Fear: Friday the 13th Remake Jason Voorhees


The next showcase is the Friday the 13th Remake Jason Voorhees, from Mezco, in the Cinema of Fear line of action figures. He might not be exactly on par in quality, with the other remake Jason done by NECA, but he's still pretty stellar looking in his own right. See if you agree, by reading on and slicing through this showcase...

First things first, I got this action figure used, so I'm missing the pickaxe that he normally comes with. Besides that, I have all the other accessories, which are the axe and machete (that conveniently fits in his side holster). The sculpt and paint work is pretty darn impressive, but I do notice that the non-removable mask is incorrect, with missing holes near the top sides of the mask, so that's a big disappointment, but one that shouldn't hold you back from buying. The figure does have some pretty good articulation in the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, waist and ankles. The figure moves around nicely and allows you to get some menacing poses.

If you already own the NECA Remake Jason Voorhees (which I will showcase down the road), you might be hard pressed to find a reason to pick this one up. However, if you're a fan like me and want to own all action figure incarnations of the hockey masked villain, this figure will not disappoint. Let's see if you agree, by checking out my groovy photos below.

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