Sunday, 3 February 2013

Agent 47 (Hitman)


I wanted to showcase this figure when the Hitman: Absolution game came out, but I never got around to it (mainly because I was too busy playing the game). However, the newly released Hitman HD Trilogy has got me in the mood to showcase Agent 47, from NECA. So, suit up, grab your Silverballer and prepare for the showcase, by reading on...

NECA released Agent 47 in the Player Select Series 1 back in 2006. The figure is based on his appearance in Hitman: Blood Money, which just means a heavier set face, but really the figure is good for all of his appearances. The figure is sculpted nicely, but seriously, how hard would it be to mess up a bald man in a suit. The paint work is good, with the biggest highlight being the smooth job on the barcode on the back of his head, right down to the tiny numbers. Articulation, unfortunately misses the mark by a mile. He has movement in his head, shoulders, cut elbows (which are beyond useless), wrist, waist and ankles. The Agent 47 figure has one real pose, which is a walking pose, blowing tie and all. He can't really obtain anything else that looks good, except for maybe a pointing gun pose seen in the photos below. Also, Agent 47 can't stand on his own, so he comes with a base, but as you can see in the photos, he leans forward way too much.

If you buy the figure for anything, it would be for the insane amount of accessories that come with him. Agent 47 comes with a total of 5 weapons (sniper, shotgun, assault rifle, sub-machine gun, pistol), 3 scopes (which fit on the sniper rifle), 6 silencers/compensators (which fit on the sub-machine gun and sniper rifle), laser sight & flashlight (which both fit on the sub-machine gun) and finally a suitcase. The silencers and scopes have a tendency to fall off, so be careful not to lose them. It's also unfortunate that most of guns barely fit in his hands and the suitcase fits poorly. Also, the Silverballer pistol is not able to have a silencer attached the end, but besides those annoying problems, you definitely have a ton of different looks for the guns.

Fans of Hitman will instantly fall in love with the Agent 47 figure and the giant cache of weapons he comes with. Non fans of Hitman will have a harder time justifying picking him up and would probably only do it for the big number of weapons and attachments (which from what I hear, go great with the Sam Fisher figure). I'll leave you with some photos to see if you think he's worth snatching up.

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