Monday, 28 January 2013

Predators Series 1: Classic Predator


The final figure in Predators Series 1 is someone very familiar looking. The Classic Predator, once again from the movie Predators, was a direct homage to the original Predator from the awesomeballs Predator. This guy looks pretty much the same as the aforementioned Predator, but lacks the trophy skull necklaces and in the newer movie, he was a little more on the hefty side. The figure on the other hand looks pretty much exactly the same as the original Predator, when it should be a little more bulky. Still, small potatoes considering how great this guy is. Read on to see if you agree.

Like I said, the Classic Predator uses the same look as the original Predator and at the time, this figure was one the few ways to get an unmasked Predator, that resembled that dreadlocked sonofabitch from the first movie. The figure is sculpted and painted nicely, especially in the face area and he has a wet look over his body. This look really helps bring out some details and brings a lifelike quality to the figure. The articulation is the same as the other two guys in the series, with movement in the head, shoulders, neck, wrist, waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles. The figure is extremely lacking in accessories, as in he has none, unless you count his removable plasma cannon backpack.

At the time it was cool having a really great looking unmasked Predator that resembled the original Predator, but now that more figures have come out that are exactly based on that look, this guy is a harder sell. Wanting to buy this figure really comes down to whether not you like the movie Predators, or are an action figure junkie and must own all the Predators. Guess which one I am?

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