Saturday, 26 January 2013

Predators Series 1: Berserker Predator


Yes, we may be coming up to Series 8 (DUTCH!) of the Predators series of action figures, but as I wait to get those, I decided to start from the beginning. Today, I'm showcasing the Berserker Predator from Series 1 (2010), based on his appearance in the Predators movie, the sequel/remake that came out the same year. People's opinion on these Super Predators are mixed, with some loving the new looks and some absolutely hating them. As for me, I'm cool with them, but they'll never beat the original Predators. Anyway, I'm getting off track here. Let's rip into this figure showcase...

As I said before, I really like the look of this Predator and the figure, but I do have a few complaints with the paint work. The sculpt is great, replicating the interesting look of Berserker, jawbone trophy and all, but the paint work on the chest, is way too spotty and doesn't not match up to the promotional images released for the figure, or even the actual Predator in the film. I have to say though, that's my only real complaint about the figure. The articulation is the older style, with cut legs and only one joint in the knee; the rest of the articulation is in the head, shoulders, elbows, cut waist, thighs and ankles. Accessories are also fairly limited, with a single wrist blade, that is way too loose and falls out, so be careful you don't lose it.

This long and still very much alive series of Predators, starts off on a good foot with the Berserker Predator, but still stumbles in a few areas, with the limited accessories and shoddy paint work on the chest. Still, the look is fantastic for the Berserker and once you check out the photos, I think you'll agree. I hope you enjoyed the showcase and don't forget to look forward to the next figure in the series, in a day or two. 

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