Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hellraiser Series 2: Surgeon Cenobite


Whenever a Cenobite appears on the site, you know what that means, it's Hellraiser time on the Basement of Tatlock. It's been awhile since I showcased the Series 1 of Hellraiser, so I look forward to showcasing you Series 2 over the next little while and if you by chance didn't like the Hellraiser overload last time, well tough luck, cause it's on! First up, the Surgeon Cenobite..

As was the case with Series 1 of Hellraiser, Series 2 is still early in NECA's action figure life. The articulation is limited and the paint isn't the best in the world. This is evident on the Surgeon Cenobite, a  demon of the Labyrinth, who made his first appearance in Hellraiser: Hellseeker, for all of a few seconds. Even if it was a short time, the look of Surgeon, is one that sticks with you. Very much in line with Chatterer, Surgeon has his lips pulled back by a giant apparatus around his head, which is also permanently attached to his eyes. He certainly looks like he is in a lot of pain and that is captured perfectly in NECA's 7" action figure.

Surgeon in Hellraiser: Hellseeker 

The figure's paint work isn't something that's going to blow your mind, as it's a little on the bland side. My number one complaint, is the blood work on the head, which is a little too light for my taste and I think it would look much better a little darker. As for the rest of the body, it's your standard leather-clad Cenobite, using a similar top half like Pinhead's, but with a gnarly spinal bar on his backside. The waist holds his various surgical utensils (his only accessories), which are all removable and can be placed in his left hand. Surgeon also comes with a piece of the Pillar of Souls, pictured below. Much like the puzzle box in Series 1, the pillar piece comes with each figure, which I will showcase after the final figure in the series is done. Articulation is limited to a neck joint, cut shoulders, bendable right elbow, cut left elbow, wrists and waist, with nothing below the belt on this guy.

I fell in love with the Hellraiser action figure series and my love continues with the Surgeon figure. He might not be part of the top level of Cenobites and heck, you may not even know who he is, but one look at him and I'm sure you agree that this figure, is a guaranteed pickup. Check him out in the photos below to see if you agree with me...

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