Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hellraiser Series 2: Julia


The showcase for today is not of a Cenobite, but someone much worse, Julia, the Queen Bitch of Hell. Meant to take over as the central villain, until everyone went gaga over that dude with pins in his head, Julia was quite the conniving little, well, as I said before, bitch. She had everything that was coming to her and as you can see in the figure, she went through a few transitional periods, before she could feel like herself in her skin again. Well, you're not here for history lesson on the mind of a psychopath, you're here for some action figure photos!

NECA brings us some variety with this one, coming with a nice boatload of accessories, which include a human heart (poor, poor Frank), pillar piece and alternate bandaged appearance. Getting her into and out of her bandages is a challenge to say the least and expect peeled paint once you're done. NECA use to provide instructions on how to undress her on their website, but they don't appear there anymore. However, I was able to obtain the original instructions, sans photos and you can check how to undress Julia by clicking here (obviously do the reverse of the instructions to dress her).

As for the sculpt and paint, NECA has done a great job at capturing the skinless appearance of Julia, with high detail on every exposed muscle and bone. The blue veins that wrap around her body are gross and that's exactly what you want in a skinless person (I think, don't quote me on it). My only complaint, is she might be smiling a little too much for my taste (I'm looking for more of sneer, instead of "I'm so happy to be skinless" expression). As for the bandaged look, it's pretty good, but adds a little bulk to the figure, but overall she looks pretty much the same as she did in the Hellbound: Hellraiser II. Articulation included with the figure is minimal, she is able to move her head, shoulders, wrists and hips, so don't expect any poses besides her holding her arm out. She's also awful at being able to stand up, so I definitely recommend using a stand (the pillar piece that comes with her, has a peg underneath).

Okay, enough jibber jabber. The ultimate question, is she worth it even though she isn't a Cenobite? Well, if you're a die hard of the series like myself, you'll probably pick her up for sure, but I think even a casual fan would be doing a disservice to themselves, if they didn't pick her up. Let me see if you agree with me, by letting me wrap up this showcase up with some photos!

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