Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hellraiser Series 2: Butterball Cenobite


Continuing on with the Hellraiser Series 2 showcases, we have Butterball, from the original group of Cenobites, in Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II. You may remember I showcased him quickly in the Cenobite Lair a while back, but I didn't go into the specific details on the figure. So, read on to see what's up with Butterball.

Butterball certainly has an interesting look, well maybe the better word to use, would be gross. You constantly see him licking his lips, while he fingers his stomach wound (oh Clive, you perv) and if you watched Hellraiser II, you find out that in human form, he's still an overweight dirty man.

The 7" Butterball action figure, from NECA, serves to give you all those gory details in a small package. The paint work and sculpt do a great job at capturing that fat rolled head, which dons those tiny black glasses. The stomach wound stands out, next to individual hooks that pierce his giant belly. He's definitely one you'll love to have up on your shelf! As for everything else, he comes with a lot of accessories, due to the fact that every tool on his belt is removable. He also has an ice pick in his hand, alternate glasses-less head and another pillar piece (almost finished!). Articulation comes in the form of: movement in the head, ball socket shoulders (careful as mine broke at the socket), cut elbows, wrists and waist. The extra movement in the arms, due to the ball sockets, allow for a lot more poses than normal with these Hellraiser figures.

This is one of the Cenobites everyone was waiting for. With an overload of Pinhead in each series, it's nice to finally get Butterball (barring in mind you don't own the Cenobite Lair). He's a fantastic, morbid looking figure and I'm pretty sure you'll agree, once you peruse the photos below.

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