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Hellraiser Series 2: Barbie Cenobite


The second showcase in a line of 6 figures, is the Barbie Cenobite. Yes, this is one of "those" Cenobites from Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. I know that not a lot of people like the angel/demons in HIII, but honestly I don't mind them. They may not have the best names, but the looks of each are pretty cool, except for maybe Camerahead, he's just dumb. I was always a huge fan of the design of Barbie and I'm happy to report that NECA reproduced his cool look in 7" form. So, let's mix up a drink and get into this showcase...

As I said before, Barbie was introduced to us in Hellraiser III. He use to be a bartender and in Cenobite form he's covered in barbwire, hence the lame name Barbie. Putting the dumb name aside, the design of Barbie is pretty sweet. He's similar to Butterball, but the added barbwire wrapped around his head and chest, make him special in his own way. However, seeing how Hellraiser III wasn't content on just having neat looks, they had to add special attack powers (I wish I was kidding) and Barbie's is the ability to breath fire, which he combines with his shaker of gasoline ("shit! gasoline").

Barbie Cenobite in Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

NECA shrinks Barbie's awesome details down into 7" form and the overall effect, is pretty damn nice. There is a little paint slop on the head and body, but besides that, he looks superb. Seeing how his lower half is a solid piece of plastic, in the form of a robe, he is able to stand up perfectly. Unfortunately, that also means articulation takes a hit. Barbie is by far one of the worst figures for movement, which only includes: head, cut shoulders, waist and wrists. The accessories that come with the figure are: a piece of the pillar of souls, an alternate head, in which you can insert the flame effect piece (which I recommend, otherwise he'll look like a blowup doll (see photos below)) and finally the aforementioned shaker.

Yes, Barbie's part of that group of handmade Cenobites, in the Hollywoodnized Hellraiser film, but that doesn't mean he isn't a really awesome looking. So, I recommend him based on that fact. Also, he looks pretty damn gnarly sitting on the shelf breathing fire. Check the photos out below to see if you agree.

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