Monday, 17 December 2012

Predator Series 4: Shaman Predator


I'll admit, I've gone a little Predator crazy on my site lately, but I just can't help it, these damn things are so fun to take photos of. So, screw originality, I present you Shaman Predator, from Series 4 of the Predator line from NECA. Enjoy, or else...

Another Predator from the Lost Tribe and this time he's the one with the kick ass staff, which adorns his blades. He's like, screw having them on my wrist, I'm going to mount these sonsabitches!

I've already said everything I can about these figures in my Boar showcase, but if you haven't read that, just know that the paint work is great (minus some slop once again with the net lines) and the sculpt is phenomenal. The articulation included are the same as Boar, which as you've seen with him, makes for some great poses. The only accessory included is a staff, which is really cool looking with the hanging bone ornaments and previously mentioned blades.

Like I've said before, these Predators may have only appeared on screen for a short time, but they still looked incredibly cool. The same can be said for this awesome figure! Now for the photos!

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