Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Predator Series 4: Predator 2 Boar


After another delay in posting anything on my site, which I feel horrible about, I finally got around to taking some photos of figures. I was originally going to post an Elder Predator figure, but unfortunately, the figure decided to snap it's arm off at the elbow, when barely touching the figure (thanks NECA!) So instead, I present to you the Boar Predator, from the movie Predator 2, introduced to us in Predator Series 4.

If you're wondering who the Boar Predator is, he was seen briefly at the awesome ending of Predator 2. The Predators are known as the Lost Tribe and yes, each figure is now available in action figure form, which of course I'll be showcasing down the road. As for this figure and series, NECA gave us some newly improved articulation, which allows for several great poses. The articulation for figure are: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, ball jointed hips, double jointed knees and finally ankles. The double jointed knees and ball jointed hips allow the figure to be completely flexible and thankfully, the joints aren't as weak as previous figures, so any worries of breaking him are minimal.

Thanks to whoever did this photo!

As you can see in the photos below, the paint work is pretty good, but some slop can be seen here and there. The netting is a little sloppy, but remember the photos make the paintwork worse than it actually is. Overall, the figure looks great. Finally, the only accessory included is the throwing disc, which can be holstered on his leg.

Fans of Predators will love what NECA is doing, releasing some Predators that are barely seen on screen, but were much requested by fans. NECA does an amazing job on their figures and they seem to keep getting better. Boar Predator from Series 4 is no different and you'll definitely love him if you pick him up. Now for some photos (click to enlarge).

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