Saturday, 3 November 2012

Terminator Series 2: Police Station Assault T-800


The first showcase for November, is the T-800 Terminator from NECA, Terminator Series 2. The figure is based on his appearance during the police station massacre, in The Terminator. Let's terminate this showcase by reading on...

The T-800 is an uncanny representation of Arnold's appearance, as the killing cyborg from the future. The figure has the burnt hair from his earlier fight with Kyle Reese, numerous bullet holes through his jacket and two massive guns, ready to blast away any person that gets in his way. The two guns do a great job of looking exactly like the ones in the movie, with the machine gun even having the taped magazines. The other accessory to come with the figure, is a battle damaged head, sans glasses.

The paint work is a little sloppy in areas, as you can see in the photos. It isn't as bad, due to the picture being enlarged. On the shelf, you really won't notice these small problems. Articulation is included in the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, waist and ankles.

This is a beautiful looking figure and one that looks just like the former Governator. Fans of The Terminator, seek out this figure and buy, buy, buy!

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