Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Tall Man (Phantasm)

NECA's The Tall Man, from the movie Phantasm is a pretty awful looking figure, which is a shame, cause The Tall Man from the movie, is a really creepy dude, played perfectly by Angus Scrimm. If you want to see just how awful it is, read on for the showcase and pictures...

Phantasm is an extremely difficult movie to explain, so I'll let this trailer do that for you..

Still with me? Any idea what the hell the movie is about? Yeah, me neither. Still, the movie is a wild ride and has an awesome bad guy by the way of The Tall Man.

NECA decided to please several people when they announced they were making The Tall Man, and then proceeded to displease everyone when they released it. The figure's paint work is the absolute worst offender. It's extremely sloppy and almost makes it look like a horrible chinese ripoff you would find on eBay. The little Evil Minion that comes with him, actually looks miles better. As for other accessories, they are: the gnarly Silver Sphere that fits in his hand and a portal base, that tries ever so hard to make him stand up, for you see, The Tall Man has a serious case of leaning disease (I've included a photo below, but I won't tell you which one shows the leaning). The articulation doesn't help him stop leaning either. The included articulation are: joints in the wrist, waist, shoulders, neck and feet.  The Evil Minion has some joints in the wrist, shoulders and neck.

I honestly am shocked at how poor this figure looks and I have a feeling NECA probably was as well when they received them from the factory. I'll let you see for yourself with the photos (click to enlarge.)

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