Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Movie Maniacs 2: Eric Draven (The Crow)

October 30th, Devil's Night on The Basement of Tatlock. The night Eric Draven becomes The Crow...

Eric Draven, from the movie The Crow, comes to us from McFarlane in Movie Maniacs 2, released in 1999. I assume we all know the tragic history behind the filming of The Crow. If not, check out this link for more information. The accidental death of Brandon Lee was a tragedy and one we should never forget. In spite of all that, the film itself is actually really good.

Now for the figure, this is an old one from McFarlane, so articulation is limited and the figure is basically a statue. The included articulation are: neck, shoulders, wrist and hips . The nice thing about him, is the included accessories, which include a crow that attaches to his shoulder, guitar that you can swing around his back, McFarlane marquee (missing from mine) and finally a stand, which is needed as he can't stand up on his own. Sculpt is great and does look like Brandon Lee. The paint work is also good, but I would be surprised if it wasn't, seeing how it's really just two colours, black and white.

I know NECA has come out with better looking The Crow figures, but this one is definitely one that you shouldn't pass on, due to it's age. It's still quite nice looking and would look great on any fans shelf.

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