Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Michael Myers vs Dr. Loomis (Halloween)

The showcase for today is the Halloween: The Night He Came Home box set, which features Dr. Loomis facing off against Michael Myers. The box set is massive, so please forgive the photos, as I couldn't get a great photo of it all together...

The Night He Came Home box set is an impressive action figure diorama, featuring Michael Myers standing on the stairs of the Myers' house. Attached to the rest of the base, is Dr. Loomis brandishing a firearm, pointing it at Michael, ready to pull the trigger. Both figures are amazing, with Loomis being the biggest highlight in this set. Michael Myers we've seen before in other showcases, but Dr. Loomis is something we haven't seen yet and it captures Donald Pleasence's likeness perfectly. If I had one complaint on the paint work, it would be that Loomis' trench coat has a little too much of an over wash on it. My other complaints with the set, are the fact that Michael will eventually start leaning when set in the peg on the stairs and watch out for Dr. Loomis' weak arm socket; mine broke off for no apparent reason.

The set comes with a few accessories, not counting the multi piece base (walk way, stairs and deck), which includes: light up pumpkin, a few leaves and a broken branch. All them can be placed wherever you like, although the pumpkin has a peg for it on the banister.

This box set is a must own piece for any fan of Halloween. It's beautiful, big and completely awesome. Check out the photos for the evidence.

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