Sunday, 28 October 2012

Michael Myers Mask

Today's showcase is something special. I wanted to show off a Michael Myers mask that I painted and haired. It's been a long process, mainly cause I'm so lazy and finding the motivation is fairly difficult, but after giving myself a deadline, I was able to finish it today. Check out the showcase and photos after the jump...

The Michael Myers mask came to me from Jack in the Box Studios and was a complete blank, that needed to be cleaned and cut. After the long and tedious process of trying to get the eyes perfect, I'm happy with the result, even though they aren't 100% exact.

Next was painting the mask and I went through several different layers and designs and decided to finish with a fairly beat up look. I have several places where some pink flesh paint is coming through and some messy sideburn glue lines (remember, the Myers mask use to be a Captain Kirk mask).

Once the paintwork was finished, I needed to add the hair on the mask. This is something that isn't that great or fun. I bought some honey golden mohair and dyed it a reddish brown, an exhilarating experience. I then proceeded to glue the hair on and once that was finished, I gave it a mist of black spray paint. I also added some white to the hairline to give it a rushed look (see photos at end of entry).  Finally, I punched a hole in the neck to simulate the needle hole, with added dried blood.

I took some photos of the mask being worn, but it's a little tight on me, so don't expect an amazing photo shoot, but I think overall I'm happy with how it turned out. Check out the rest of the photos below.

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