Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween III Skull, Pumpkin & Witch Masks

Happy Halloween everyone! It's been a quick year and Halloween will be over before we know it, but don't cry, as you can always come back here any time of the year, to enjoy a dose of the macabre, horror, gore, witty humour and anything else that's truly awesome. Speaking of truly awesome, I present to you, the Halloween III Skull, Pumpkin and Witch masks, in rotten bug ridden form...

The three Halloween masks come to use from Jack in the Box Masks and are a representation of there rotten appearance in the film. JITB did a great job on the paintwork with these ones and if I had to provide any nitpicks, it would be the Silver Shamrock badge is missing on the back of the masks and the Witches hood is a little on the cheap side when compared to the actual mask. Also, no glow in the dark paint on these.

The stand that the masks are sitting on, was made by me. It's basic, but does the job. I've included some skull and pumpkin lights, autumn leaves and of course, bugs, lots and lots of bugs.

Well, that's it for October and Halloween. I hoped you enjoyed the entries this month and remember, be safe out there tonight, you never know who's lurking in the bushes, ready to strike...

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