Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween II (2009) Michael Myers

Finishing up October and my showcases of Michael Myers figures, is Michael Myers by Mezco, is based on his appearance in Halloween II. The movie might not be a masterpiece, but the figure is a beauty...

Michael Myers certainly has an interesting appearance in the remake films. If anything can be taken from them, it's how cool he looks in the remake and sequel. This figure is no different. Nicely painted, capturing Michael's rotten mask much better than NECA did and the coveralls are nicely covered in blood and dirt. Sculpted beautifully, if Myers can ever be beautiful, but a few nitpicks need to be made. The head has Michael's beard coming out from the bottom, but Michael didn't sport a beard 'til later in the movie. It's a small issue, as it's barely noticeable, but it needed to be noted. The figure is also a little on the short side when compared to NECA's and the coveralls don't have all the small details, such as the patches on it.

Articulation included on the figure are: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, waist and feet. The only accessory included is a bloody butcher knife, that fits perfectly in his right hand.

Mezco did a great job with this figure and in my opinion captured the look of the remake mask much better than NECA. If you were hesitant on picking him up, hopefully my pictures will convince you otherwise.

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