Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ghostface (Scream) by NECA

Ghostface Scream

Today comes yet another action figure showcase, with some ties to Halloween, Ghostface, from the movie Scream (a homage to the movie Halloween if I've ever seen one). The figure unfortunately comes up short with a lot of faults. Let's see why this ghost is busted by reading on...

NECA decided to try something new with the Scream figure and sadly things didn't turn out exactly as they hoped. You see, the figure is a mix of plastic and cloth and NECA thought this would allow better articulation in the legs. For some reason though, NECA didn't notice that it makes the figure godawful looking. Let's go down the line of problems.

First, the material used for the cloth is cheap. It's see through and doesn't look anything like the robe in the movie. Second, the articulation in the hips allow only movement side to side, which means the legs can't bend forward or backwards, unless you twist the leg around. Doing so still gives you an awkward stance, made even more noticeable with the see through cloth. Lastly, the upper torso meets with the legs in a horizontal cut. Meaning if you turn the top half of the figure, the top and bottom don't line up, instead you have a solid hunk of plastic sticking out on both sides. The rest of the articulation are: ball jointed head, shoulders, elbows, wrist, knees and feet.

Well, now that I've bashed the figure enough, what about the positives? The paint work is pretty good on the mask and the sculpt is nice. The only accessory is a knife, but it looks like the knife in the movie.  Yeah, that's it for positives.

NECA also released a Ghostface figure with solid plastic, instead of cloth. I have yet to see the figure in person, but I can probably guess and say it's a lot better than this one. So, I can't really recommend this figure, when I know there is a better one out there.

Let's show some photos and let you decide on whether you think it's a yay or nay. By the way, I decided to mix up the background between black and white, to give you an idea of how the figure looks in different lighting. So you better enjoy all my hard work, or else...

Ghostface Scream Ghostface Scream Ghostface Scream

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  1. Nice pics Mike! Wow I thought that a cloth robe would have looked cool. I can see that I'm quite wrong. The Half plastic and have cloth look ridiculous! My Fav pic is the fourth one :)