Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dr. Tongue (Day of the Dead)

Shambling along the street, newspaper blowing in the wind, proclaiming "THE DEAD WALK!", Dr. Tongue comes into view and a beautifully grotesque zombie is born! That same street leads it's way onto this site and Dr. Tongue show's off his beautiful smile...

Dr. Tongue comes to us from the hands of Amok Time and they did a great job of capturing that stomach turning zombie. Even though the doc is only seen for a few seconds and the effects work is shrouded in darkness, what you do see sticks in your head and this figure evokes that same feeling as the paint and sculpt work is fantastic.

The figure has articulation in the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist and limited waist movement. There is no articulation below the waist. The figure's only accessory, is a display base, showing off the street with sewer cover and debris. It's a big shame the newspaper clipping is not included.

Dr. Tongue is a classic zombie and this figure will give you the option to display him in his bloody and gory form. Pick him up, as he is a big time keeper.

Now for the photos (click to enlarge.)

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