Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cult Classics Series 7: Regan (Spider-Walk) (The Exorcist)

Spider-Walk Regan

Regan spider-walks her way onto my site and shows off her terrifying ability. The Spider-Walk Regan, released by NECA in 2008 in the Cult Classics Series 7 line, is a creepy figure, but one who's sole reason on picking up, is limited to how much you love The Exorcist. Read on for the showcase and pictures...

The spider-walk scene was originally removed from the theatrical release of The Exorcist, but was later added on for "The Version You've Never Seen" in 2000. It's a scary, but random scene and one that probably would've pooped the pants of several movie goers during it's original release, had it been in the film.

The Spider-Walk Regan was released in two different paint scheme variants, one with blood and one without. The figure I'm showcasing today, is the former. The sculpt is nice and does a good job of recreating our poor, tormented Regan. The figure has a few points of articulation, but nothing you would write to your exorcist about. Those included are: neck, elbows and upper legs. The figure really only offers one pose (unless you count a hilarious falling down the stairs pose; check out the last photo) and even then, it's a pain to get her to stay without toppling over. The only "accessory" with the figure is the staircase.

If you love The Exorcist and thought this scene was frightening, you'll probably really enjoy this figure. She does have a tendency to fall over, but when she is being properly displayed, it's a quality looking figure.

Now for the photos. (Click photos to enlarge.)

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