Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cult Classics Series 6: David (The Lost Boys)

Stalking through the night, never to go out in the light (like a real vampire, not those pansy vamps), David from The Lost Boys sneaks his way onto my site. Brought to us by NECA in the Cult Classics Series 6, the figure is loaded with a good amount of accessories and can have up to two different looks, but does that still make it a good figure? Read on to find out...

The action figure of David comes with alternate heads, hands, feet, a display base and a film accurate bottle of blood. The paint work is pretty good for the figure, but the sculpt on the normal head is not the best in the world. The facial hair makes him appear fairly old, but it still does look like Kiefer Sutherland, a mullet wearing 80's Kiefer Sutherland. The vamped out head on the other hand looks pretty sweet. The alternate hands and feet consist of either gloved or vampire. The only really difference between the hands, is the paint work, as the pose is exactly the same. The display base is nice, with a gross chinese dish full of maggots on the floor. The last accessory is the bottle of blood that was seen in the film.

My only real complaint with the figure, besides the sculpt, is that it doesn't stand to well on his own, or even on the base. He will eventually start to lean forward, as the plastic around the feet is soft. A few adjustments with the articulation will straighten him out for a little bit, before he starts to lean again. The other articulation on the figure are: jointed head, shoulders, elbows, wrist, waist and feet.

As a fan of The Lost Boys, I'm fairly happy with the figure, as his vampire form is really great looking. I say, skip the human look and go with the vampire as your display piece. Now for the photos. (Click photos to enlarge.)

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  1. I love the Vamped up figure! It totally looks like Kiefer. The leather jacket looks cool too. I don't understand why they didn't paint the facial hair on though. they made him look all wrinkly.. lol