Saturday, 13 October 2012

Cinema of Fear Series 3: Jason Voorhees (Jason Goes to Hell)

jason voorhees mezco

It's Saturday the 13th and I thought it fun to post a Jason Voorhees action figure. Yeah, I know, Saturday, not Friday, but screw it, I'm posting it anyways. So enjoy the showcase for the Cinema of Fear Series 3: Jason Voorhees, based on his appearnce in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.

Mezco did a pretty good job of capturing Jason's weird swollen appearance in the movie. The figure is sculpted well, although it definitely isn't the best looking in the world and I'm sure a better one could be made nowadays. Still, the amount of articulation included is nice, which will allow a variety of poses. Included are: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist and waist. No articulation below the belt. The figure does come with a few accessories: Jason's heart, dagger and the demon version of Jason.

I like the figure, but find that the proportions are a little off on him, making him bulky in some areas but small in others. Still, this is the only 7" version of this representation and he definitely isn't bad looking. I say, if you like Jason, pick him up.

Now for the photos. (Click to enlarge.)

jason voorhees mezco jason voorhees mezco jason voorhees mezco jason voorhees mezco jason voorhees mezco

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