Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Evil Dead 2 Series 2: Hero Ash

The Evil Dead 2 Series 2 has found it's way into my possession. First figure to creep out of the fruit cellar is Hero Ash...

The Hero Ash from NECA is a pretty good looking figure with several faults. First, the sculpt is once again a surprised look, which honestly looks good, but seriously a new look would be nice. Also, the paint work is a little sloppy on the eyebrows and eyes. One of the eyebrows on the figure is slightly painted higher than the sculpted line. Next is the shirt, which seems slightly shrunk around the waist (Ash seems to have dried his clothes on high heat). The articulation consist of torso (something that wasn't in Series 1), cut hips, thighs, wrist, jointed knees, elbows and shoulders. It's mostly your standard articulation for a figure, although after picking up the Friday the 13th Series 1 Jason's, I'm a little spoiled on the ball jointed hips. Accessories included is the possessed dear head (with neck articulation) and a sawed-off shotgun, which can be fit in the back pouch. Word of warning on the shotgun, it doesn't fit that great in the hand and when I tried to fit it, the trigger guard and trigger broke (argh!)


You might think I don't like the figure with all the complaints, but you would be wrong. I do enjoy it. The chainsaw looks awesome and several poses can be obtained to make your little Ash look like a demon killing machine. It's definitely a sweet figure and I think you'll regret not picking it up.

Now for the photos. (Click to enlarge.)

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