Thursday, 27 September 2012

Return of the Living Dead: Tarman Zombie

If you really wanna party, you have to pick up the Tarman zombie from Return of the Living Dead, brought to you by Amok Time. A fantastic piece and something a lot of us were waiting for. Bite into the showcase and pictures for more...

The Tarman zombie wasn't in Return of the Living Dead for much of the runtime, but he is by far the most memorable zombie in the movie, save for a naked, undead Linnea Quigley. Having been a requested figure for the longest time, Amok Time came along and granted everyone's wishes. Thankfully, they pulled through brilliantly, with a fantastic looking figure. You only have to compare the screen caps from the movie, which I so nicely provided in this post, to see for yourself.


Tarman's articulation is limited to only being able to move the head, jaw and shoulders. It's a shame how small the amount of articulation there is, but thankfully with the moveable jaw, you can really create some cool poses. He also comes with a brain that has a bite taken out of it and a display base, which Tarman can attach to (he also stands perfectly fine on his own). Funny enough about the display base, it shows Tarman in the canister before he is released. I'm glad that Amok Time said screw it with the continuity and decided to add it, as it looks really cool. Paint and sculpt are also top notch, with the tar coming out really nice. One thing to note on the figure however, is the mold lines around the head, which are fairly noticeable.

Tarman all nice and cozy in his canister.

If you're a fan of action figures, zombies and Return of the Living Dead, you probably already own this figure. However, if you don't own it and are on the fence about it, just check out the photos below and see why you should be picking this figure up now.

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