Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday the 13th Series 1: Jason Voorhees Part 3 Battle Damaged

Up next is the second figure in the Friday the 13th Series 1, the battle damaged Jason Voorhees. A few tweaks and a new head, make this a sweet figure, but one that might be a little hard to justify spending the money on if you've already bought the first one. Read on for the showcase and pictures...

Pointless fact time! This representation of Jason only appears twice in the film: the first is when he gets the axe in the head and the second is when Chris dreams that Jason is coming at her in his unmasked bloody form. So really, the only way to truly capture an authentic look, is either with the axe imbedded or unmasked. Thankfully, with NECA's amazing face sculpt and articulation, it allows both.

If you own the first figure in the series and have read my previous showcase, you know what to expect with the articulation, paint work and sculpt. The differences on this figure boil down to a little more blood on the shirt, different mask (with infamous axe cut) and finally a different bloody, menacingly smiling face sculpt. Just a heads up, the mask I received on this figure has some glue slop, which throws off his look a little (see photos below). Also, my eye hole had excess plastic, which needed to be trimmed. Accessories included this time are a bloody axe (which goes great with the regular Jason) and a bloody machete. The axe can be lodged in Jason's head, allowing you to recreate the iconic scene from Friday the 13th Part III.

The second and final figure in the Friday the 13th Series 1 can be summed up by being a variant with few little changes. That doesn't make the battle damaged Jason Voorhees any less cool looking though. If you're a fan of Jason, it's obvious you want to pick him up.

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  1. Holy crap. These are out? I didn't even know they'd be out this soon. I just finished getting the Evil Dead 2's.

    1. Yeah, they've been out for a few weeks. I hear Toys R Us is selling them like crazy. I only got mine and the Evil Dead 2 figures just last week.