Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Friday the 13th Series 1: Jason Voorhees Part 3 Regular

The Friday the 13th Series 1 features two action figure variations of Jason Voorhees, from his deadly and iconic appearance in Friday the 13th Part III.  Up first in this showcase, is the regular version of Jason, a fantastic representation...

NECA has handed us a stellar action figure and honestly I have little complaints. I know the internet is a buzz with a variety of different opinions: they vary from the mask being too soft (which honestly it is) causing it to deform slightly on the face (thankfully it isn't as bad on mine), all the way to the articulation in the legs (mainly the crotch area) making him appear funny. Thankfully, I won't be one of those people. I love the mask and I love the articulation, which allows multiple poses and adds a ton of variety on how you want to display your little mass murderer.

The paint work on Jason's body and face is fantastic, with only a few paint slops here and there. The colouring on the clothing is perfect. The mask is painted nicely, although the mold lines in the mask are a little distracting. The sculpt work captures Jason's disfigured and disgusting mug from the movie. As for accessories, Jason comes with a spear gun (his first kill with the hockey mask) and a clean machete.

This series is off to a great start! Look to the near future for the showcase on the battle damaged Jason (a slight variation, but still cool).  Now prepare for the onslaught of photos! (Click to enlarge.)

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