Sunday, 16 September 2012

Evil Dead 2 SDCC: Hero From the Sky Ash

The San Diego Comic Con 2012 exclusive for the Evil Dead 2 series of figures, was the Hero From the Sky Ash, based on his appearance at the end of the Evil Dead 2 film. Let's shoot through this showcase for more information and photos...

Painted in muted colours, the Hero From the Sky Ash figure is an interesting idea. The figure is pretty much exactly the same as the Hero Ash from Series 2, the differences however, are some battle damage on the body and some white hair on the side of his head. Also, the figure comes with a rock base for him to be displayed on. Not much else can be said for the figure. The paint work is great, I find the face to be much better painted than the Hero figure, although the black eyeliner needs to go. You can see how much better it would look without it on the packaging. Thankfully, with this Ash, his shirt isn't shrunk, which helps with making the display better. I'm thinking though, if you already own the Hero Ash, it would be hard to convince yourself to buy this one. It's definitely nice and I'm glad I have it, but for the price it's going for now online, I'm thinking you'd be perfectly happy with just the other figure.

Now for some photos to help make up your mind. (Click to enlarge.)

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