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Hellraiser Series 1: Pinhead Cenobite

Finally, what we've all been waiting for. The last showcase in the Hellraiser Series 1 and it's The Black Pope of Hell, The Dark Prince of Pain, the Lead Cenobite, or as we all know him by, Pinhead. NECA has done a great job so far up to this point, but do they disappoint with the figure we've always wanted?  Let's stick a pin in this final showcase and find out...

Pinhead, previously only known as Lead Cenobite in the first Hellraiser film, became incredibly popular after the first movie and well as they say, the rest is history. The character has appeared in the entire Hellraiser series and his appearance hasn't changed much, but that's a good thing as the iconic headache inducing design is what we all love. It's simple, yet elegant, grotesque, yet beautiful in it's symmetry. NECA was able to get capture all this in 7" form.

NECA chose for Series 1 a calm, almost sad appearance for Pinhead and I have to say it was a wise choice. I love the look on Pinhead's face and it makes him appear as though he has done this "job" for so long he has grown tired of it. The line in the first Hellraiser where Kirsty ask him if they've done this before and Pinhead replies with, 'Many, many times' seems to hint at this, so I think it solidifies the correct choice in this wonderful expression.

Pinhead's articulation is once again very much the same as the other figures (e.g. Stitch Cenobite) with cut wrist, elbows, shoulders, neck (hard to move due to the pins) and waist. A few poses can be obtained and I'm satisfied with what NECA chose to provide. Accessories for Pinhead is the small Lament Configuration puzzle box that fits in the right hand, a small blade for the left hand and finally the last piece of the puzzle box/stand. Paint work is fantastic with some great details all over. A few sculpt issues come up around the head area (mold lines). As for the pins in the head, they're actually pretty damn good on them for how small the figure's head is. They won't be perfect, but for the scale, I think NECA did an excellent job.  

I'm sure everyone already owns this figure, but if you don't, as you can see in the pictures, you definitely need to seek out this figure and buy it right away. NECA has done excellent work on this series and this Pinhead figure is the perfect leader for your Cenobite army.

Now for lot's and lot's of photos! (Click to enlarge.)

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