Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hellraiser Series 1: Chatterer Cenobite

We're almost through the Hellraiser Series 1 showcases! Now we're getting into the classic Cenobites, with my favourite being the Cenobite that can't keep his mouth shut, the Chatterer Cenobite. So let's chat a little by reading on...

The Chatterer Cenobite is part of the fearsome four and is a grotesque and instantly cool design. The chilling sound that is heard when the Cenobite appears for the first time in Hellraiser, instantly sends shivers down your spin and his aggressive handling of Kirsty later on is fantastic to watch (well for the audience, not so much for Kirsty). Now for the action figure...

Let's send some praise to NECA for capturing Chatterer absolutely perfectly! The figure looks outstanding in all regards, with paint and sculpting being top notch. If I had to list one negative, it would be the style of articulation (cut shoulders, wrist, elbows, neck and bendable knees and feet) make the figure stand in a menacing pose, which to me I found Chatterer to be more menacing standing straight up and unfortunately this can't be obtained. The figure comes with two hooks on a long chain, one small hook on a short chain and finally another piece of the Lament Configuration puzzle box/stand. NECA seems to have taken the idea of accessories from the Screamin' Chatterer 1/4 model kit.

Without a doubt, this figure needs to be picked up. With barely any faults and fantastic work from NECA, the Chatterer Cenobite deserves to stand proudly in your collection.

Now for the pictures! (Click to enlarge.)

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